Luis Hernandez has been an auto glass replacement/repair technician for over 20 years. His passion for designing new tools to make auto glass installations easier and safer is what led to the creation of VD.K-Tools. Luis was known for testing out new equipment and installation strategies and then sharing those techniques on social media. As a result, technicians wanted to buy the tools that Luis designed and built and that is how VD-K.Tools was formed.

Luis has always wanted to make the tools as affordable as possible so more technicians could benefit from the speed and safety of his products. Wherever possible he used products already available in the market so his fellow professionals could use many tools they already owned.

The success of VD-K.Tools led him to develop a partnership with The PipeKnife Company to license and sell his products. Luis has continued to develop new tools and share his experiences on social media with the goal of helping auto glass replacement technicians be more successful.